With a market expertise of almost 30 years, Professional Products is one of the most experienced supplier of manicure products.

Our product range includes more than 1000 different articles, which we ship from Bochum, located in the heart of Germany's industrial center, the "Ruhrgebiet", to all around the world. The manufacture and distribution of UV-lamps as well as prefabrication of gels, liquids and other products happens here in 1800m² of facility and office rooms in Wattenscheid, an urban district of Bochum.

25 years of quality and confidence

Professional Products not only produces UV-lamps for noteable wholesalers all around the world. Our UV-Gels, widely acid-free, were purchased from all around the world, too. Our wide range of goods offers the possibility to purchase all needed products from one supplier.

Furthermore, Professional Products offers almost endless services. Gels and liquids might be filled up in cutomized cans and bottles, the UV-lamps might be lacquered in almost all colors. Depending on ordered quantities, it is possible to program customized timer functions.