High quality Bits (not only) made of ceramic

To complete our range in connection with the filing devices, we additionally offer a wide range of filing bits.

We mainly count on ceramic bits. The material characteristics of ceramic speak for themselves: high stably, low wearing and a better heat dissipation than most other materials.
Additionally to the common shapes und cuts you'll find grinding belts and caps in various grits and sizes as well as supporting equipment like cleaning brushes, displays and sanitizing and disinfection liquids.

Due to the permanent extension of our product range please make a request for further information and the most recent price lists and brochures.

Barrel-formed bits suit for extensive removal of artificial materials and for shortening the nail tip.

The barrel is available in following cuts:
green = coarse
blue = medium
red = fine

Cone-formed bits are suitable for fast and extensive removal of artificial materials as well as for forming the tunnel. Due to the front without cuts the injury risks while working under the nail are minimized.

The cone is available in following cuts:
green = coarse
blue = medium
red = fine

For pedicure, we offer big-sized, cross-cutted bits for a fast removal of hard callus and treating thick nails.

The pedicure bits are available in two different cuts:
- coarse
- medium

Other shapes and cutting besides the above mentioned are available. We'll send you the most recent pricelists and brochures by request. Amongst others, you'll find there cuticle cleaner, callus remover, drills and accessories for the professional nail treatment.

Amongst bits made of ceramic, we also offer carbon made bits in usual shapes and cuttings. Please refer to our most recent brochures.


Mandrel for grinding belts

Grinding belts

available in 80/150/240 grit

Cap mandrel, pointed

Mandrel for pointed grinding caps

Grinding caps, pointed

Pointed caps in 5/7/10/13/16mm size

Cap mandrel, rounded

Mandrel for rounded grinding caps

Grinding caps, rounded

Rounded caps in 5/7/10/13/16mm size

Cleaning brush

Brass wired cleaning brush