UV gels

Besides the production of UV equipment, the production of UV gels "Made in Germany" is part of our core business.
Since 1995, our high-quality UV gels are used worldwide in professional application and successfully marketed by national and international partners under their own labels.

Own production and formulation enables us to respond to your requirements even at low quantities, for absolutely competitive prices.

No need to mention that all of our products meets all relevant legal requirements.

We supply both in bulk and in standard packaging in 15/25/50g fillings. Our high grade acrylic jars are particularly popular.
Belwo you'll see a selection of our available jars.
It is also possible to fill in customized jars. In case of your interest please do not hesitate to contact us.

Acrylic jar anthracite
Acrylic jar black
Softline black

UV gel and 3in1 polishes

The UV gel polishes from Professional Products are an unique combination of nail lacquer and UV gel. They cure below UV bulbs (within 120 seconds) and LED (20-30 seconds) and combine colorful brilliance and the durability of UV gels.

Different to the UV gel polishes, our 3in1 polishes need neither a basecoat nor a topcoat and cure without a stick layer.

double UV protection coating

Brilliant Finish Top

Our Brilliant Finish Top gels are technically UV gels but come out of the bottle. Easy to apply due to its thin viscosity, it cures without sticky layers.
Following color shades are available:

  • clear
  • milky white
  • milky rose
  • silver glitter

Packaging and unit sizes

Besides supplying in our own or in your customized retail packaging sizes, we also offer all products in bulk sizes, from 500g/2.5l upwards.