In order to cover the regular needs of hand and nail cosmetics as completely as possible, we offer a wide range of other devices and everyday products for all aspects of hand and nail cosmetics, in addition to our core competence of light curing products and equipment.

These include, of course, gel modeling, but also powder / liquid systems as well as fiberglass and silk.


Dust exhausts

The Air-Booster is the flagship among our exhausts.

The ingenious technology filters out the absorbed dusty air in a micro fleece with a size of approximately 26 x 32cm, whereby performance losses are minimized even with prolonged use. As a result, with a power consumption of only 9.6W, more than 180m³/h of air can be routed through the unit.

In contrast to conventional tabletop devices, the filing dust is filtered before the fan, so the mechanical parts do not pollute. This and the stable construction make the Air-Booster notably durable.

That the air is filtered before passing through the fan allows an additional benefit; since the clean air flows out of the device without diffusion at the back, the Air-Booster can additionally be used as a nail polish dryer.

This results in 3 functions in one device:

  • Powerful extraction of filing dust
  • comfortable armrest, covered with leatherette
  • dust-free air drying of nail polishes


  • 3 functions in one device: dust exhaust, armrest, nail polish dryer
  • low power consumption of only max. 9.6W
  • Air volume maximum 184,2m³/h
  • Suction power continuously adjustable
  • 10 replacement fleeces included

Our dust extraction Basic represents the affordable entry-level solution for home and studio.

The artificial leather surface is pleasantly soft for the customer and easy to clean. The 20W strong and pleasantly quiet fan sucks the ambient air into a dust bag made of micro fleece.

  • affordable entry-level model
  • powerful fan (20W)
  • Filtering via standard dust bags
  • 2 dust bags included

Hygiene and disinfection

Ultrasonic waves can also efficiently remove superficial contaminants and encrustations, even at locations e.g. can not be reached by brushing or UVC irradiation. In addition, cleaning and disinfecting agents approved for ultrasound equipment can also be used.

The large oval stainless steel tank (about 12 x 14cm) holds about 750 ml and is also suitable for larger objects. For smaller parts, a basket is included as well as a watch holder and a CD stand.

  • Frequency range: 42KHz
  • Power consumption: 35W
  • Capacity: approx. 750ml
  • Timer in 1.5 minute increments from 1:30 to 7:30
  • Small parts basket, watch holder and CD stand included

The disinfection by UVC irradiation is extremely effective against bacteria and viruses. The high-energy and very aggressive radiation destroys the cell nuclei and frees the disinfected good more than 99% of germs. Since no chemical agents are needed for this type of disinfection, the material to be irradiated is spared.

Due to the large irradiation room, the sterilizer is also ideal for large instruments such as cantilever clippers etc.

  • Disinfection by means of UVC radiation
  • 8W
  • large disinfection room with removable storage grid
  • Protection circuit when opening the protection screen

Our Sterilux is the compact alternative to the Sterilizer. The device produced by us in Bochum sterilizes by two 9-Watt UVC tubes and has a 5-minute or 10-minute timer and a permanent function. The material to be sterilized is inserted through a drawer with protection screen.

  • Disinfection by UVC radiation
  • 2 x 9W
  • 5 min./10 min. - Timer and continuous function
  • Insert by a drawer
  • Protection circuit when opening the drawer

Cleaning and service fluids such as lacquer remover (acetone-free), cleaner, degreaser and gel lacquer remover and accessory products like cellulose swabs complete our main program and serve the basic needs in nail salons.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of nail art products, tools such as brushes and files and much more. If you are interested, we will gladly send you our program.

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